"We exist to effectively reach our community's spiritual needs through loving outreach and biblical teaching, leading people to be devoted followers of Jesus Christ."


Purpose - God has placed LVCCN in this neighborhood for a purpose.  It is not an accident or random chance that we are here.    


Devotion - The people of LVCCN seek to become strong, biblical Christians that are committed to the cause of Christ.  Through our devotion to Him, our community will be impacted.  


Passion - We seek to identify and meet the needs of the people of Lemmon Valley, making them free to come to know the Lord personally.  


Dedication - LVCCN is Lemmon Valley's church.  When a spiritual need arises in our community, those that have no church affiliation will be drawn here for comfort, relief, help, and/or guidance.


Restoration - Many in our community have become generally disillusioned with church or "organized religion."  Whether because of bad experiences, irrelevant teaching, lack of knowledge or understanding, rumors, etc., many in our current culture and community have no real use for church.  I see, as part of our mission, LVCCN doing all it can to break through those misconceptions and, through the grace of God, see that relationship restored.